Criminal Records/Police Clearance

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Criminal Records / Background Check/Police Clearance

Criminal Records are issued by the Egyptian Government for Egyptian Citizens and foreigners who have lived in Egypt.

Required Documents

  1. Original Passport or Egyptian National ID
  2. (1) Passport photos
  3. £9 (payable in cash or postal order to the Consulate General of Egypt in London)
  4. Reason for applying for a Criminal Record & the entity to whom the record will be submitted



  • Submit the above mentioned original documents to the Consulate General
  • Fingerprints are taken at the Consulate
  • Applications are sent to the Ministry of Interior in Egypt and sent back to the consulate after being processed
  • Processing time: 2-3 months
  • Applicants note their contact Information (Daytime telephone and email).
  • The Consulate contacts the applicant the same day the record arrives and ready to pick up from the Consulate
  • In case applicant wants to send the application after doing the fingerprints, by their own, and might need a letter from the Consulate with the results in a later stage, The returning application, MUST BE legalized by one of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization Offices.