Travel Document

Applying for Temporary Travel Document to return to Egypt ONLY

General Information:

  • Temporary travel documents are issued only to Egyptians who lost their passports or their passports have expired.
  • In Some cases, the Consulate has to take a pre-approval from the respective authorities in Cairo before issuing the document.
  • Temporary travel documents are only valid for 30 days and only allows travel to Egypt.
  • For infants, parent must submit their valid original Egyptian government issued ID, and the original UK Birth Certificate.

Requirements & instructions:

  • Letter addressed to the Consul General requesting issuing a Temporary Travel Document to return to Egypt, includes full name, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, address in Egypt and your closest relative information.
  • Include your Expired original passport or a copy of your lost passport and an original Egyptian government issued ID.
  • One recent passport-size personal photos (white background).
  • In case of having ONLY copies of your Egyptian government ID, the Consulate must obtain a pre-approval from the respective authorities in Cairo.
  • Please verify with Airlines the acceptance of the Temporary Travel Document in case of Layover in route to the Arabic Republic of Egypt.
  • A return flight ticket to Egypt within a month a date, must be presented.