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Applying for Egyptian Passport

General Information:

  • New Passports are valid for 7 years from issuance date, for those who apply using their valid Egyptian National ID (Rakam Kawmi).
  • New Passports are valid for only 1 year from issuance date, for those who apply using their Biometric Egyptian Birth Certificate/ expired Egyptian National ID (Rakam Kawmi). (Children under 16 are eligible for a full-term 7 year passports).
  • New Passports are issued to adults and children separately (Children cannot be added to parents’ passports)
  • Processing time about 8 weeks.
  • Lost/stolen passports as well as first time issuance need first approval from Immigration Authority in Egypt before starting the renewal process.

Requirements & instructions:

  • Applicants must be present at the Consulate with their original Egyptian Passports and apply using their Egyptian National ID or Biometric Birth Certificate.
  • 3 recent passport photos (white background).
  • For males, the original certificate of the status of military service must be submitted if not stated on current passport or if applying for a lost passport.
  • For females, changing the marital status stated on current passport or Egyptian National ID requires presenting original marriage/ divorce/death certificate. Legalization by FCDO is required in case of British certificates.
  • Fees are 153 GBP for New Passports, 188GBP for lost/stolen passports (a police reference must be submitted, in addition to a request addressed to the Consul General providing lost/stolen passport information and contact information).
  • Fees are paid cash or by a postal order to Consulate General of Egypt in London.
  • Contact Information (Daytime telephone and email).

To Download Passport Application Form, Click Here