Renewing National ID

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Renewing National ID

Required Documents for Egyptian National ID Renewal:

  1. Original expired Egyptian National ID + Copy.
  2. Original Egyptian Passport + Copy.
  3. In the case of changing your detail on your Egyptian National ID:
  4. Marital Status: Egyptian Marriage Certificate- Divorce Certificate – Egyptian Death certificate if widowed. Egyptian Documents ONLY shall be verified
  5. Address : Proof of Address in Egypt such as Electricity bill, Gas bill, water bill (3 Months bills) or attendance of a relative (up to 4th generation) to attest that the applicant lives with them. If living Abroad, we would need Original BRP.
  • Profession:
  • Original Valid Contract legalised from the FCDO, then legalised from the Egyptian Consulate in London (£40 cash fee)
  • Governmental professions, original letter from department declaring current position.
  • Students, studying abroad, shall need a letter from their University/college, legalised from the Cultural office, then legalised at the Egyptian Consulate in London (£40 cash fee)
  • Union employment (Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Etc.) your valid union card is required or an invoice proving you have paid the annual fees.
  • To prove your degree granted from the UK: Original Certificate plus original equivalent from the Bureau of Higher Education, Legalised from a foreign office in Egypt
  • Fees are £65 sterling cash

General Information:

  • Photos for renewing the Egyptian National ID, which shall be provided with your application, shall be verified from the database in the system found at the relevant authorities in Egypt.
  • For Further information, please contact us on [email protected].
  • You can Renew your Egyptian National ID by booking your appointment via website.
  • To renew your Egyptian National ID please click this link.

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