General Information:

**At least one of the marriage parties has to be an Egyptian citizen.

**Male applicants must be 18 years or older, 16 or older for females.

**Marriage service is only by appointments; kindly email us a scanned copy of the following documents to set up an appointment.


  • Both Parties have to be present at the Consulate to complete the marriage procedure.
  • Original & valid Egyptian National ID or valid Passport.
  • 5 personal photos each (white background).
  • Original Birth Certificates (or a certified copy) for both spouses.
  • Divorce Certificates (in case it is a second/third marriage).
  • 2 witnesses (belonging to the same religion of the marrying couple) a with original and valid Egyptian National ID or Passport.
  • In the event where the wife is not an Egyptian national, please present a non-objection/ non-impediment certificate from the Embassy or consulate concerned is required.
  • Fees are 185 GBP.
  • Please send a Copy of all these documents to : [email protected]

**The Consulate sends the application to Cairo and receives the original legalized & registered Marriage Certificate within 2-3 months.