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Egyptian identification

Egyptian ID’s are not issued from the Egyptian Consulate General, they are only issued in Egypt. However, the Ministry of Interior has recently sent delegations from Egypt to the Consulate to process ID applications. We will always announce these visits well in advance on our website.

Issuing new machine-readable Egyptian passports

Since 28th April 2010, the Egyptian Consulate General in London, has been accepting passport applications for the issuance of machine-readable Egyptian passports.
Application forms are only obtainable from the Egyptian Consulate General, in person. Applications will be sent to the issuing authority in Egypt, and subsequently returned to the applicant, via the Consulate. Processing time for the new passports can take to up to 10 weeks.
The new passports will not facilitate dependants i.e. spouse/children.
Once the passport has been issued, the information contained on the passport cannot be amended, without first amending your Identity Card. Again, any amendments can only be processed through the issuing authority in Egypt.

Application requirements:

  1. Birth Certificate (showing national ID number for children under 16 years of age/women over 60 years of age)
  2. ID Card (for those over 16 years of age)
  3. Marraige Certificate
  4. Mililtary Service Status if applicable
  5. Three Passport sized photographs

Passport fees:

  1. Passport – £150.00
  2. Damaged/stolen passport – £185.00

Renewal of Egyptian travel documents for Palestinians

Documents Required

  1. You must come to the Egyptian Consulate General in person to obtain and complete an Application form.
  2. Original expired Travel Document
  3. 2 passport sized photographs
  4. Certificate of work or study
  5. The above will all be sent to Egypt for approval. If approval is granted the Travel Document will be issued. Cost of new Travel Document is £135.