Renewing The Egyptian National ID (Rakam Qawmey)

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     The Consulate General of Egypt in London has the pleasure to announce that the Egyptian National ID, (الرقم القومي) can now be Renewed through the Consulate.

This does not apply to ID cards that will be issued for the first time.


This service shall start on Tuesday 22nd June through the consulate’s Official website , via appointments only, which can be booked from consular service tab- National ID


Required Documents for Egyptian National ID Renewal:

  1. Original expired Egyptian National ID + Copy.
  2. Original Egyptian Passport + Copy.
  3. In the case of changing your detail on your Egyptian National ID:
  4. Marital Status: Egyptian Marriage Certificate- Divorce Certificate – Egyptian Death certificate if widowed. Egyptian Documents ONLY shall be verified
  5. Address : Proof of Address in Egypt such as Electricity bill, Gas bill, water bill (3 Months bills) or attendance of a relative (up to 4th generation) to attest that the applicant lives with them.

If living Abroad, we would need Original BRP.

  • Profession:
  • Original Valid Contract legalised from the FCDO, then legalised from the Egyptian Consulate in London (£40 cash fee)
  • Governmental professions, original letter from department declaring current position.
  • Students, studying abroad, shall need a letter from their University/college, legalised from the Cultural office, then legalised at the Egyptian Consulate in London (£40 cash fee)
  • Union employment (Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Etc.) your valid union card is required or an invoice proving you have paid the annual fees.
  • To prove your degree granted from the UK: Original Certificate plus original equivalent from the Bureau of Higher Education, Legalised from a foreign office in Egypt
  1. Fees are £65 sterling cash

General Information:

  • Photos for renewing the Egyptian National ID, which shall be provided with your application, shall be verified from the database in the system found at the relevant authorities in Egypt.
  • For Further information, please contact us on [email protected]
  • You can Renew your Egyptian National ID by booking your appointment via website.
  • To renew your Egyptian National ID please click this link.